Fungal nail infection

If you’ve caught fungal nail infection, you can be at risk of spreading dermatophytes from the affected toenail to other parts of your body.

Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) is caused by dermatophytes, highly contagious fungi that thrive in warm, moist environments

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Fungal Nail Symptoms

Causes of fungal nail infection

Wearing old shoes, sweaty socks or walking barefoot in public areas like swimming pools or changing rooms can lead to fungal nail infection and other, similar conditions.

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Fungal nail treatment

While you may find your symptoms unpleasant or even painful, you can rest assured that nail fungus treatment is both easily available and effective.

Remember: if you tackle the infection early, it's easier to get rid of it quickly. Canespor is a fungal nail infection treatment that offers effective, clinically proven mode of action that removes the infected part of the nail in 2-3 weeks. After Canespor treatment is completed, follow up with bifonazole cream for 4 weeks.

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Preventing fungal nail

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Suffering from athlete's foot? Make sure you treat it as soon as possible as fungus can spread and affect your toenails or other areas of the skin, causing fungal nail.

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Keep your toenails short and trim. The correct way to cut or file them is straight across, not in a rounded shape.

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When visiting nail salons, bring your own set of accessories. Clippers, files and contribute to spreading fungal infections when not properly sterilized.

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Avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes. This can damage the skin barrier between your toenail and the toe and allow fungus to invade.

Facts about fungal nail infection

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It’s widespread: globally, toenail fungus is the most frequent nail disease and accounts for up to 50% of all nail diseases.

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Changing rooms, public showers and unsterilized equipment in nail salons all put you at increased risk of fungal nail infection.

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Remember to wash your hands! Contact with a person suffering from fungal nail infection can be enough to develop the condition.