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    Sobel JD. Vulvovaginal candidosis. Lancet 2007: 369, 1961-71

    10 Ways to prevent yeast infections. Available at Accessed August 2018.

    Canesten® Professional information.

    Canesten® 1VC

    Canesten® 1VT

    Canesten® Duopak

    Canesten® 3VC

    *Canesten® 1VC contains 10 % clotrimazole compared to all registered 1 % clotrimazole products.

    **Canesten® 1VT and Duopak can be used from the second trimester in pregnancy, however the use of the applicator is not recommended.

    Athlete's Foot


    Canespor® Cream Professional Information (accessed 19 February 2021)